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Ankle Foot Orthosis Brace | AFO Foot Ankle Brace

Ankle Foot Orthosis Brace | AFO Foot Ankle Brace

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Color: Gray
Material: Polypropylene + Composite Materials
Brand ;Posture Universe
Gender ;Unisex
Age Group: Adult
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Bone Care



1. Provides ankle and joint stability
 2. Helps reduce stumbles and falls
 3. Lightweight and flexible
 4. Ability to be trimmed for custom fit
 5. Can be worn inside most shoes
 6. Available Left or Right, Men's or Women's


Suitable For

1. Foot amyosthenia, phil side nerve palsy caused by such as foot drop, caused by cerebral capillary accident pedal;
2. Caused by cerebrovascular accident foot drop ;
3. Foot muscle, paralysis of the paralysis;
4. Caused by foot droopingcarry on with foot drop caused by various diseases;
5. Prevent foot drop,Correction of foot varus,foot valgus;

Package Included:

1Pcs * Foot Drop Brace

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