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Boxing Magic Ball | Reflex Speed Training With Headband

Boxing Magic Ball | Reflex Speed Training With Headband

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Color :Black

Material: PU rubber

Brand Name :Posture Universe

Gender :Unisex

Age Group :Adults



1.Improve Reaction and Speed: Perfect training equipment which is 360 degrees all-round blow and reflex quickly to improve your concentration ,hand-eye coordination and speed

2.Lightweight and Portable: Convenient to carry because of lightweight and portable .No matter where are you in . you can play this boxing reflex ball when you are free .Save much time that going to Gym for you

3.Suitable for Everyone: Man or woman , teenager or child.. even the aged. Everyone can play this boxing ball .Not only suitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports boxing, but also can used to coordination and reflex ability improve. It's an interesting game release the pressure from this moment


Package includesd:

1 *Boxing ball with string ,1*Headband

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