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Compression Calf Sleeves (20-30mmHg)

Compression Calf Sleeves (20-30mmHg)

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Colour :black, white
Material: Composite Material
Brand Name :Posture Universe
Gender : Unisex
Age Group: Adults 
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Bone Care



  • Introducing our Compression Calf Sleeves (20-30mmHg), the ultimate solution for athletes, travelers, and individuals seeking optimal calf support and enhanced performance. Engineered with precision and crafted from premium materials, these calf sleeves deliver the perfect balance of compression, comfort, and durability.
  • Designed to promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, our Compression Calf Sleeves provide graduated compression at a 20-30mmHg level. This scientifically proven level of compression gently applies pressure to the calf muscles, stimulating blood flow and oxygen delivery, which in turn helps to improve performance, prevent injuries, and speed up recovery.
  • Constructed with a blend of high-quality, moisture-wicking fabrics, our calf sleeves keep you comfortable and dry throughout your activities. The breathable material efficiently regulates temperature, preventing overheating or excessive sweating. The lightweight design ensures a snug fit without adding unnecessary bulk, allowing you to move freely and unrestricted.
  • Featuring a seamless construction, these calf sleeves offer a smooth and chafe-free experience. The ergonomic design provides targeted support to key areas of the calf, including the shin and Achilles tendon, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of common injuries such as shin splints or calf strains. Whether you're running, cycling, playing sports, or engaging in any physical activity, our calf sleeves are your reliable companions for maximum performance and protection.


1. The calf compression sleeve for shin splints supports ligaments and tendon, boosts circulations, may help to recover from leg cramps, edema, sore muscles, varicose veins, and torn calf.
2. Calf compression sleeve women and men are for everyday use and during pregnancy. The colors and pattern make them stylish for occasions and the choice of bankers, doctors, nurses, outdoor workers, and programmers.
3. The snug fit compression calf sleeves are perfect for outdoors, running, hiking, cycling, football, soccer, beach sports, fitness activity and use for travel recovery.
4. The calf compression sleeves is made of high quality nylon and spandex blend fabric making them durable, lightweight, washable without losing compression.

Main benefits:

  -Decreasing Pressure Protection Perspiration Breathable

  -Enhance Muscle Endurance

  -Prevent Calf Thickening

  -Auxiliary Muscle Force

  -Boosts circulation and helps you recover faster

  -Protects from minor or rock scratches, knocks


They are designed to fit naturally on your legs thus providing you support & stretch where needed. Whether you have aching calves, leg cramps, swelling or edema, shin splints, POTS or varicose / spider veins these sleeves allow you to train harder, recover faster & feel stronger. They help boost circulation in your legs & reduce muscle soreness for recovery afterwards. 

Package include:

    1 Pair * Compression Calf  Sleeves

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