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Elastic Knee Bandages | Cross Fit Fitness Pressurized Straps

Elastic Knee Bandages | Cross Fit Fitness Pressurized Straps

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Colour: As The Picture
Material: Nylon, Polyester Rubber
Brand Name: Posture Universe
Gender :Unisex
Age Group: Adults



1. When you're squatting, power cleaning or doing lunges, you're stressing your knees and joints. These sleeves add flexible support to help prevent overexertion or injuries.
2. WODs and CrossFit training require precision control and stability; our slim knee sleeves offer flexible compression you can trust.
3. A form-fitting knee brace for men and women, our powerlifting knee wraps are 180cm/ 71inches long and adjust in size.
4. Made of high-quality Nylon which is high elasticity and fits your body well. Breathable material makes it more comfortable fo wear. Multifunctional for use on your wrist, elbow, leg, knee or other of your body.
5. Whether you're just trying to get healthy, an advanced lifter, or a competitive athlete - you want to protect your knees during exercise. It is a VITAL contributor to longevity for your knee's and joint's. The compression and increased blood circulation assists in recovery, support, and joint function.


Packaged include:
1 Piece * Knee Bandage
Or 2Pieces/Pair * Knee Bandage

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