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Hallux Valgus Orthopedic | Soft Bunion Splint | Big Toe Separators

Hallux Valgus Orthopedic | Soft Bunion Splint | Big Toe Separators

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The toe separator reduces friction and irritation caused by rubbing shoes, and instantly reduces the hammer toe and bunion pain. It absorbs shock, shear forces and reduces friction caused by corns and callus.

What is Bunion (Hallux Valgus)?

When your big toe is angled towards the second toe, the deformity is called a bunion (hallux valgus). This causes a bump on the side at the base of the big toe. In addition there is often thickening of the skin and tissues next to the affected joint. The thickened skin and tissues may become inflamed, swollen and painful.


BUNION CORRECTOR --  Posture Universe™ Bunion Splint helps the big toe alignment, relieve pain for Hallux Valgus, Bunion. It can be used to wear on the floor at home, bunion correcting at night, relieving pain after bunion surgery, Turf Toe aid treatment, ect.

NIGHTTIME RELIEF -- Posture Universe™ Bunion Brace is great for your bedtime. The embedded aluminum bar is providing moderate support while you are sleeping. Effectively alleviate the pain of Hallux Valgus, Hammer Toe, Turf Toe, helps the crooked toes straighten.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: Lightweight and breathable, the bunion splint is made with a terry cloth material for a comfortable fit throughout the day and even overnight. Secured by an external elastic strap, the splint will not slip or bunch and can easily be worn with socks and most styles of shoes.

FLEXIBLE SIZING FITS MOST: Fully adjustable, the corrective bunion brace fits most individuals comfortably.

Why Posture Universe™ Bunion Splint can help you?

· Unique Humanized Design

· Enhanced Correction for your Big Toe 

· High Quality of Breathable and Washable Material

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