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Metatarsal Felt Feet Pads | Ball of Foot Cushion

Metatarsal Felt Feet Pads | Ball of Foot Cushion

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Number of Pieces: 2
Item: Metatarsal Foot Pads
Material: felt, adhesive
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Release Pain From Illness
Brand: Posture Universe
Application: Foot


--High Quality: The feet pads are made of felt, which can absorb sweat and be comfortable to skin; The size fits for most people's feet, keeping your feet fresh and enjoys every step you take with confidence and comfort.

--Thicken design: the thickness of felt foot cushion is about 0.5cm, designed with vibration absorption, which has a nice cushioning effect and reduces the impact with the ground on the feet, helping relieve pain and soreness of feet.

--Strong adhesive: the foot cushions can be held in a place all day long due to strong adhesive, will not fall off during use, and the sturdy lining layer also can give comfortable feeling to your forefoot, since the product has strong adhesion, please press the edge and tear it carefully.

--Easy to use: metatarsal feet pads provide additional padding and protection for the soles of the feet; Before putting on shoes, you should fix the cushion on the insole or directly on the foot, which will not affect your normal life, relieving the pain and pressure of bone and enjoy your walking.

--Widely applicable: the forefoot cushion pads are very suitable to use for someone who has toes, calluses and various foot problems, they can absorb much of the pressure from the feet bone thus providing pain relief to the ball of foot, which are a common but effective solution for most people.

Easy to apply

1. Determine the correct placement. The pad should sit just below the ball of your foot.

2. Remove the paper backing from the 3M adhesive.

3. Stick either directly to your foot or on the sole of your shoe.

4. Enjoy a pain-free day!

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