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Ostomy Hernia Belt for Women | Abdominal Belt Brace

Ostomy Hernia Belt for Women | Abdominal Belt Brace

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Color: White, Gray, Beige
Material: Composite Material
Brand Name :Posture universe
Gender :Unisex
Age Group: Men Women Adults Male Female
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Release Pain From Illness



1. NEW AND IMPROVED THIN DESIGN - This girdle for umbilical hernia sports an innovative thin design that allows it to sit comfortably underneath everyday clothes. Thanks to its form-fitting properties, the umbilical hernia brace remains very discreet even under tight clothing.
2. WEAR UNDER YOUR CLOTHES - Comfortable and slim enough to wear under your clothes inconspicuously, our groin support strap is perfect for helping you cope with the pain of a reducible hernia before and after surgery by applying light pressure to the affected femoral hernia at the groin areas.
3. GENTLE PRESSURE - Specifically made to target hernia pain and aid in the treatment process, our inguinal hernia brace - adds the right amount of gentle and gradual pressure to the area while providing unilateral hernia support for either left or right side.
4.  LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE - This umbilical hernia band for Men and Women is made of high-quality elastic cotton materials to provide optimum breathability. It incorporates moisture-wicking blended fabrics that pull sweat and moisture from the skin, thus allowing it to evaporate more easily.
5. SECURE AND COMFORTABLE FIT - The elastic cotton blend fabric molds around the waist and conforms to the shape of the body, while the Velcro closure allows for a comfortable custom fit regardless of body type. 


1. Inguinal truss Inguinal Hernia Truss - Ultra comfortable due to its Fully Adjustable Waist Band, Groin Belt and Pad - great for Instant relief from Inguinal / Groin Hernias, Incisional Hernias and Femoral Hernia Pain and Discomfort
2. Inguinal Hernia Truss - For men and women - is specifically designed to help relieve pain and discomfort from inguinal, groin and femoral hernias. By gradually applying pressure and compression to the affected area you will get instant relief and the ability to maintain an active day to day lifestyle discomfort free. Great for herniias pre and post surgery.

Key Features:
Fits both Left or Right Side Herniia's
Our Inguinal Herniia Belt is different than other Herniia Trusses due to its ability to work on either right and left side groin hernias. Simply rotate the waist band around your waist and make sure to place the pad over your left or right side groin herniia for instant relief!

Slim and Low Profile - Comfort Fit
Using the best elastic and breathable materials our inguinal herniia belt will conform to your body for an ergonomically comfortable experience. Slim in nature - Wear it under your clothes with minimal exposure with exception of the the compression pad which is necessary for optimal pressure.

Pckage Include:
1 Piece * Ostomy Hernia Belt

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