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Pinky Finger Splint

Pinky Finger Splint

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Product Specifications

  • Material: OK cloth aluminum alloy Velcro
  • Color: black
  • Weight: M: 72.3g, L: 88.1g
  • Brand: Posture Universe


Introducing the Pinky Finger Splint – your trusted companion for optimal support and protection when it comes to pinky finger injuries. Whether you've experienced a sprain, fracture, or any other condition that requires stabilization and immobilization, this splint is designed to provide comfort, functionality, and a speedy recovery.

Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, the Pinky Finger Splint offers exceptional durability without compromising on flexibility. The splint is expertly contoured to match the natural shape of your pinky finger, ensuring a snug and secure fit while allowing for optimal movement and ventilation.

Pinky Finger Splint

Ease of use is paramount, which is why the Pinky Finger Splint is designed to be adjustable and customizable. With its innovative fastening system, you can effortlessly adjust the tightness according to your preference, providing targeted compression and support where you need it most. The splint also features rounded edges and smooth surfaces, preventing any discomfort or irritation during prolonged wear.

Thanks to its compact size, the Pinky Finger Splint can be discreetly worn under gloves, allowing you to continue your daily activities while receiving the necessary support for your pinky finger. Whether you're an athlete looking to get back on the field, a professional needing optimal dexterity, or someone seeking relief from everyday pinky finger discomfort, this splint is designed with versatility in mind.

Packing List:

1* Ulnar Gutter Splint

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