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Toes Correctors | Toes Spreaders for Therapeutic Relief From Bunions

Toes Correctors | Toes Spreaders for Therapeutic Relief From Bunions

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Colour: White
Material: Elastic band
Brand: Posture Universe
Gender: Unisex
Age Group: Adults
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Release Pain From Illness



  1. Toe Separators made of Elastic band, it is soft and elastic, comfortable lightweight when You will even forget you are wearing it and can be worn barefoot, with socks or wide toed shoes

  2. Design for Toe Separate: Updated design with 3 loop, which is more stay in place and provide better for toe separating. Providing gently toe separate and pain relief. for bunions, hammer toes and other toe problems

  3. Toe Separators work great for overlapping toes, cross toes, hammer toes, corn and blister. Reduce friction between adjacent toes or shoes. highly durable for a gentle but firm stretch that provides proper orthopedic support while resisting stains, sweat and odor

  4. Gentle and holistic relief and gradual realignment of toes, undo years of tendon and ligament damage from high-heels, narrow shoes, football and soccer boots, impact from running, marathons, triathlons and other sports

  5. Men and women alike can enjoy proper hammer toe treatment with these splints that stretch to fit your personal foot size. great for yoga, pilates and after sports stretch – helps speed up recovery and improve blood circulation

How to use:

1. Wear toe straightener on toes, adjust until they put in place.

2. For the best results, wear with snug fitting socks and shoes.

3. Washable and Reusable: Put in original package when not use.

Package Include:

1 Pair *  Claw-shaped Toe Separator

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