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Walker Fracture Orthopedic Boot | Ankle Brace for Fracture

Walker Fracture Orthopedic Boot | Ankle Brace for Fracture

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Colour: Black
Material: Plastic + Sponge
Brand: Posture Universe
Gender: Unisex
Age Group; Adults
Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Bone Care



1. Hard plastic shell is sturdy and prevent the ankle from moving to get better treatment effect.

2. Soft high density sponge liner will provide for additional comfort and reduce pain.

3. Open design keeps patients' foot breathable, cool and dry, easier to recover.

4. Dual tension straps allow for increased flexion and foot angle for the optimum pain releaving stretch, and help to correct foot strephenopodia and evaginate.

5. The Ankle Splint Brace is Easy to remove and put on, this will be more convenient to clean the wound and easier for skin care.

6. The Ankle splint Brace can support and protect the ankle from dropping to relieve night time plantar fasciitis pain, and fix the gypsum to avoid skin and muscle damage caused by gypsum. It can also help to practice early walking and promote recovery.

7. Suitable for the treatment of stable fracture, ligamentous injury, ankle surgery, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Package Include:

 1Pcs x Ankle Splint




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