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Weight Lifting Belt | Workout Belt with Metal Buckle for Men Women

Weight Lifting Belt | Workout Belt with Metal Buckle for Men Women

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Color: black, blue
Material: Nylon
Brand Name: Posture Universe
Gender :Unisex
Age Group: Adults



❤ IMPROVED FORM and TECHNIQUE – Maintaining proper squat and lifting form is essential to not only strength gains, but for reducing injuries. This weightlifting belt helps ensure you sustain balance and stability throughout your sets.
❤ PREVENT BACK INJURIES – Properly supporting your lower back (lumbar) is important, especially when lifting, twisting or supporting heavy weights. Our weightlifting belt is perfect for Cross Training exercises, powerlifting and daily fitness.
❤ COMFORTABLE LEATHER – Each lifting belt is comfortable, adjustable and won't slip or "ride" while you're performing squats, power cleans, dead lifts, or clean and jerks; just lift, gain and support your physicality.
❤ BUILD CORE STRENGTH – Front to back, your core muscles play a major factor in your health and fitness. Our gym belt helps prevent back injury, but it also helps sustain strong abdominals and a thick back.
❤ POWERFUL - Our weight lifting belts for men and women are fashioned to a thickness and width that allow you to go harder during training. On average, this deadlift belt has helped improve lifts by 10%.

Why do you need a weight lifting belt ?
❤ Well protected when lifting heavyweights.
❤ Add stability and strength to back muscles.
❤ Wearing a gym fitness belt will help you improve your posture.
❤ Generate more power and strength and reach your new goals in the gym.
❤ You will receive great support for your back and you will be ready for more heavy squats and deadlifts than ever.
❤ With high-quality materials, extra strong stitching and a heavy-duty metal buckle, never worry about a belt popping open ever again.
❤ More secure and more confident when you wear the belt during the workout.
❤ Mostly used for deadlifts, squats, shrugs, leg press, every time you lift heavy weights.


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1Pcs * Weight Lifting Belt

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