The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Your Posture

The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Your Posture

Normally, people tend to view posture as a naturally inbuilt occurrence in our bodies such as breathing, sleeping or talking. To many, posture is not something they would pay much attention to. What many do not know is that posture has many effects on their physical, mental and emotional well being.

Bad posture can have adverse consequences on our health, example experiencing back pains. Posture also depicts our self esteem. Most confident people have upright postures and their postures make them appear more attractive. There are many ways in which one can improve their posture and a few of them include;

1.Regular Exercises.

The main reason why people find it difficult to maintain a good posture is due to fatigue. Most people are involved in energy draining activities that leave their muscles fatigued and can hardly support their bodies for something as simple as maintaining an upright posture. This can be remedied by engaging in exercises that promote muscle reinforcement and focus on the upper body muscles. Such exercises include yoga, push-ups, jogging among others.

2.Taking Sitting Precautions

When sitting, one should ensure the seat has a strong lumbar support. This ensures that the entire body weight is supported such that it doesn't take one's own effort to support the body. This also makes one comfortable while sitting. Also while sitting, one's back from the tailbone up until the upper back, should be touching the backrest. This avoids fatigue. Both feet should lie flat on the floor. This ensures stability of the body while sitting.

3.Using a Posture Brace

A back brace is a small device designed specifically to put one in the proper upright position for a period of time. It's basically just like putting on a garment, but in this case a tight garment on your body such that when you tend to distort your posture you feel a bit uncomfortable. The posture brace should not be so tight. A good back brace should ensure one is comfortable and can continue with his day's activities.

Upper Back Brce

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4.Body Alignment

One should keep his ears, shoulders and lower body part aligned. This alignment should be maintained whether sitting or standing. Body alignment is a technique that ensures energy and stability is maintained in our bodies. Body alignment does not come easy as it's not a natural thing that we were born with, but with time the body is able to adapt to it and we are able to maintain an aligned posture.

5.Make Regular Movements

Other ways in which we can improve our body posture is by making regular movements from time to time. You notice that if you are working in an office and all you do is to sit down all day long, you'll tend to fell tired and you can hardly maintain a good body posture. Make regular movements to avoid feeling fatigued.


Ways in which people can improve their body posture cannot be exhausted. The key point to note is that the strength of your muscles determine how good your posture is. Hence, all activities that make one's muscles fatigued and give the body a general feeling of tiredness should be avoided.

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